Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I know I'm a little out of order, but thought I'd better add some Christmas photos.

Christmas Eve morning breakfast, AJ was helping me prepare. We are blessed in that we have two full days of Christmas...Scivallys on the Eve and Powells on Christmas day. Mimi (Alan's mom) usually gets together w/us before going to Memaw's. She came to our house this year...to play the WII!!!

So here we are with my Grandma Powell and my Mom and Dad at their house for Christmas day!! Lots of fun, we have done this alot over the years and it's fun to look back and see how all the kids have grown. Now all Tami's boys are adults and some even have their own children..you won't see Jason's(my oldest nephew who is only 6yrs younger than me) family as they are in Virginia, and Trina and Scott couldn't be here this year, ahhh. We met up with Jimmy and his kids much later. That is my sister and brother.

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Keeping Up

It is so hard for me to keep this up...must mean it's important!! Well, we are coming along on the screen printing business...so much to learn!! Alan is quite busy with some contract work, a great blessing! We enjoyed a great time this past weekend with my sisters family. Jeremy, my nephew graduated from the Fort Worth Police Academy with the Top Gun award and great honor! That was a great ceremony and I loved that they REALLY prayed!! That weren't worried about the government getting them into trouble for praying in the name of Jesus!! I'm proud to be a Fort Worthian!Then we had an after party at our house for him and Nicole. Great visiting. It was also a testimony to God's faithfulness, as we prayed often for him and his family...he had a fractured bone in his leg early on, and thoght he might not even get to stay in, but God gave him favor and great stamina and broght him through!!

Now it's back to work! Thank you God, we have several orders for shirts to get working on...two in the next two weeks and we are still figuring this thing out, so by His grace, we can get it done and done well. It will turn out to be lots of fun I think, when we get a method to the madness.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scivally Family Campout

November 15, 2008

We used to always do a campout or vacation or something together, but it has been a bit harder since Memaw hasn't been in good health for the last few years. But this year we decided to go back to our fav...Lake Murray. A good time was had by all, even Memaw and we played the usual dominoes and enjoyed the campfire at night. No major problems(like plumbing) this year, just relaxation. It's always nice to get away and not have to really think about anything!! We should be sure to do something like this every year.

The boy's favorite thing was the slide, and Indigo finished some Nancy Drew books, then put on her spy cap for some exploring. They love the snacks with no rules time. And of course the roasting of marshmallows for s'mores...YUM!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The most beautiful and talented kids...the only year all three could be in the children's Christmas musical together. They truly enjoyed it and did a great job! Indigo is a natural on the stage, Elijah discovered he really liked being in the spotlight too and AJ loves singing the songs and helping out, and always has a smile!! They also got to bless some elderly people at a couple nursing homes in North Richland Hills.
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New Year

Hey there, well it's definitely been longer than one night since the last post, but hey at least I'm back. We certainly enjoyed the holidays, getting to see lots of family and eat all kinds of yummy desserts!! The kids were quite happy to have gotten a Wii to share, thanks to help from Mimi for Christmas. My brother was in town after working in Puerto Rico for about the last year, and brought with him his new girlfriend. Also spent time with my big sister and her family all Christmas week, which was unusual and wonderful. Then they headed off to Arizona for a contract job, that was a blessing. So we won't be seeing them for another few months. We missed my other sister as her and her family went to the Florida Keys for Christmas this year with their three kids. Swimming with the dolphins on Christmas day...sounds fun and warm!!

We also had a few other things happening in our world in the last several weeks. First Alan was laid off the week before Christmas, so we then decided to jump head first into the screen printing business we had been considering, but now sounded even more appealing. We received our money from XTO for a mineral lease, which was a huge blessing and should sustain us for a bit. Ended up gathering all the equipment and supplies we needed for about half of what we thought it would cost...thank you God! Now just waiting on one more small part coming in the mail, and it's time to get busy!! We have had alot of family time and really enjoyed it. The kids are excited to get started with us...AJ is asking every day or two, "Can we make a shirt today?" So Lord willing, we'll make a go of this and hopefully bless others in the process! God has been good through everthing, and it has become a little easier to trust He will somehow work it all out as we've seen His provision over the years. If nothing else, we certainly learn alot as we go!

Then tonight Alan had an indoor soccer game, as usual on Tuesday nights, and they won and had a great time! Good way to start the season!

So until next post, we hope you have a great year and see God's hand moving on your behalf also!! Blessings

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homeschool Field Trip

We went to the Nash Farm in Grapevine TX for a field trip last Friday. It was so beautiful outside, a great day to enjoy the farm. We learned about cotton and farming and how the Nash's settled here. A great hands on experience for the kids. Didn't know cotton was a fruit!?!? Just let the kids be kids for a while after we ate our lunch there. Good times, good friends.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Beginning

We have known for a while now that we needed to record God's story through our family, and now am taking the steps to make it reality. God is faithful to His Word and to us and we want to remember all the awesome ways He shows up in our lives. This being one as He reminds me periodically how important our family is to each other and how the most important thing our kids can learn is to love Him, and love one another and let the Holy Spirit teach them all things. Thus the decision to homeschool.....and here begins our story.
Alan and I have now been married 12 years and have 3 children...Indigo who is 10, AJ 7 and Elijah is 5. Learning through our home from the beginning and mostly enjoying every moment, well most! Well this is alot just to get started, so I think I'll take a break now and begin again tomorrow. Thank you God for your reminder. Help us not to forget all your benefits! Til next time...Blessings.